Friday, April 01, 2005

Strip 12

Panel 1:

A woman is standing in an alley. A man is grabbing her purse, both of them fighting over it.

  • Text Box: “Crime stalks the city. The fair metropolitan is overrun with violence and murder.”

Panel 2:

The man and the woman are both holding slackly onto the purse. They are staring up to the top of the alley.

  • Text Box: “Where ever there is evil. Wherever there is injustice. Whenever an innocent is attacked…”

Panel 3:

The man is running away from the woman. She is still holding her purse.

  • Text Box: “There is one group of heroes all evil shall fear. There is one team up of epic proportions. They are the American Super, and the Super American. The TITANTIC TWOSOME!”

Panel 4:

The two heroes stand atop the building. Bob (Super American) stands tall and proud. Dave (American Super) is slouching, deflated.

  • Bob: “And thus the day is saved once again. For justice has prevailed.”
  • Dave: “I really wish you would stop announcing our presence. I WANT to catch a criminal. At least once.”


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