Saturday, April 02, 2005

Strip 13

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave are walking down an alleyway, still in costume.

  • Dave: “Well, congratulations. Once again we have gone a full night without catching one single villain.”
  • Bob: “I am proud of our accomplishment if I do say so myself. Obviously, with criminals scared of us, they are staying off the streets and not committing crimes.

Panel 2:

Dave and Bob stop. There is a man in a mask, wearing a striped shirt, staring at them.

  • Dave: “…”
  • Bob: “Stop villain! For now you must face the fury of the greatest superhero team ever seen throughout this fair city. This wonderful country, and this lovely world…”

Panel 3:

The criminal is running away. Dave is chasing after him. Bob remains standing still.

  • Bob: “… a world which will never have to fear from the tyranny of evil. For we are here to stop evil. We are the… where are you going?”

Panel 4:

Dave grabs the criminal from behind.

Panel 5:

Dave walks back to Bob, holding the criminal by his wasteband.

  • Bob: “Why did you run off? I needed you to help me out. We are a team. If we can’t count on each other to help each other out, what good are we?”
  • Dave: “Then be a teammate and carry this guy for me.”


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