Thursday, June 02, 2005

Strip 74

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave stand in front of Colossal Force.

  • C. Force: “Now, what are your powers exactly?
  • Dave: “I have super speed and am nigh invulnerable.”
  • Bob: “I can release a wave of raw energy that will render my enemies unconscious.”

Panel 2:

  • C. Force: “OK. Well, I’ll go talk to the other guys and we’ll decide whether we let you join or not.”

Panel 3:

Bob and Dave stand alone.

  • Dave: “This is it. This is our big break.”
  • Bob: “There’s no way they won’t accept us!”

Panel 4:

Bob and Dave thrown outside of the mansion, having landed on their butts.

  • Dave: “What happened?”
  • Bob: “They can’t kick us out!”


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