Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Strip 79

Panel 1:

Bob and Blind Fury are in an alley.

  • Bob: “I wanted to ask you if you want to be in our super group. My partner and I, the Titantic Twosome, want to form a team who will be the exact opposite of Team Terrific.”
  • Blind Fury: “Sounds interesting. What’s in it for me?”

Panel 2:

  • Bob: “The satisfaction of seeing Team Terrific become nobodies.”
  • Blind Fury: “That’s all I needed to hear. Count me in.”

Panel 3:

Dave sits on the curb outside of Team Terrific’s headquarters.

  • Dave: “I can’t believe they wouldn’t take me. I understand them not taking Bob, but I’m smart and powerful.”

Panel 4:

  • Dave: “Well, I’ll show them. I’ll make that team with Bob. And we’ll kick Team Terrific’s asses!”


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