Sunday, April 03, 2005

Strip 14

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave are walking down the street. Bob has the criminal over his shoulder.

  • Bob: “I still don’t understand why we have to take him to the cops. Couldn’t we just tell him to not do it anymore and let him off?”
  • Criminal: “Yeah, you could let me go.”
  • Dave: “Oh you shut up.”
  • Dave: “And we are not letting him go. Criminals go to jail. Heroes take them there. Now, be a hero.”

Panel 2:

Bob and Dave are out front of the police precint.

  • Bob: “But couldn’t we just tie him up and let the police find him? Maybe put a note on him and call the cops.”
  • Dave: “We are going to turn him in. I am going to turn one criminal over to the police as a crimefighter. Just give me this one simple little thing.”

Panel 3:

Bob and Dave are at the doors to the police station. Dave has his hand on one door, ready to open it.

  • Dave: “Now, whatever you do, do not embarrass me. Don’t even open your mouth. Let me do all of the talking.”
  • Bob: “OK.”

Panel 4:

Bob and Dave are standing at the main desk in the police precinct. Bob has the criminal standing in front of them, against the desk. There is a desk sergeant behind the desk.

  • Dave: “We are here to turn this criminal in. He’s dangerous, and we would thank you for being so helpful as to take him off of the streets. He is a criminal.”
  • Bob: “Even though we saw him commit no crime.”


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