Friday, May 06, 2005

Strip 47

Panel 1:

Television news woman Sandra Callahan sits behind the news desk.

  • Sandra: “And in superhero news two new superheroes made a big splash earlier today as they took down the Boardroom of Crime.”

Panel 2:

  • Sandra: “The Boardroom of Crime, the group which has plagued the city for years and been a major thorn in the side of every hero in this city. With teamwork they have been virtually unstoppable.”

Panel 3:

  • Sandra: “Until today that is. Two rookies to the hero community were able to infiltrate the secret base of the Boardroom of Crime and take them out in one swift attack.”

Panel 4:

  • Sandra: “We thank you, American Hero and Heroic American, the Timely Twosome for saving the day.”


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