Monday, May 02, 2005

Strip 43

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave punching villains as more are jumping at them.

  • Bob: “If you give up now, we will tell the authorities you were cooperative.”
  • Random Villain: “Us give up? You are outnumbered.”

Panel 2:

Bob gets punched and is falling backwards.

  • Dave: “But we know something that you do not know.”
  • Villain: “Oh yeah, and what is that?”

Panel 3:

Bob lands in the distance into a table. Dave is still fighting.

  • Dave: “I put a call into the Heroes Union and the police department. They will be here any minute.”
  • Villain: “Really?”

Panel 4:

Bob is under a table. Beside him is Sarah.

  • Bob: “Hey honey, you need to get out of here before the cops arrive.”
  • Sarah: “…Who…”


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