Friday, April 22, 2005

Strip 33

Panel 1:

Bob, Dave, and Sarah are all around the dining room table.

  • Dave: “I’m not obsessed. Why would I have any reason to be obsessed with you?
  • Bob: “I’m appalled. We try to be more caring, and women always then turn on you.”
  • Sarah: “Oh, come on!”

Panel 2:

  • Dave: “You know Bob, maybe I should just go.”
  • Bob: “Maybe I’ll come with you. We can start work a little early.”
  • Sarah: “Stop it.

Panel 3:

Sarah’s hair is raising up, becoming snakes.

  • Dave: “Stop what? Stop caring?”
  • Bob: “No way I can stop that.”
  • Sarah: “I SAID STOP.”

Panel 4:

Sarah stares at the two men, now turned to stone. Her hair is all snakes, her skin a light blue color.


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