Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Strip 24

Panel 1:

Awesome Rex stands ready to fight Gorgon Rage.

  • Awesome Rex: “Stop right there, Gorgon Fury. You face the might of the Awesome Rex!”

Panel 2:

Gorgon Fury stares at Awesome Rex. Rex has been turned to stone.

Panel 3:

Bob and Sarah sit on their couch.

  • Bob: “So, wait. She turned him to stone?”
  • Sarah: “Yep. Turned him to stone right there. Then, she ran off with the loot.”

Panel 4:

  • Bob: “And what else happened? Did he die?”
  • Sarah: “…I…don’t know. I ran off after she did. He should be fine. From what I know Gorgon Fury’s victims turn back normal after a few hours. So anyway, I bought some new outfits.”


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