Monday, April 11, 2005

Strip 22

Panel 1:

A female villain, the Gorgon Fury, is running out of a bank, holding bags of money. She has snakes for her hair.

  • Voiceover: “Well, I was walking down the street. And there was a robbery at the bank. The Gorgon Fury!”

Panel 2:

Bob and Sarah are sitting on the couch.

  • Bob: “Really? You actually saw her?”
  • Sarah: “Yes… now let me get on with my story. No interruptions.”

Panel 3:

Gorgon Rage is staring at police officers, their guns drawn. Now, turned to stone.

  • Voiceover: “She was turning the cops to stone. She was unstoppable. A beautiful unstoppable force.”

Panel 4:

Behind Awesome Rex. He has his hands on his hips. In front of him stands the Gorgon Fury.

  • Voiceover: “And that was when Awesome Rex showed up to save the day!”


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