Monday, April 18, 2005

Strip 29

Panel 1:

  • Bob: “She did not turn me to stone!”
  • Dave: “Oh, really? And what do you remember right after asking her?”

Panel 2:

  • Bob: “Well, she started growling, and her eyes looked kind of funny. Then, I was standing in the living room and she was gone and it was two hours later.”
  • Dave: “And the glowing eyes thing doesn’t strike you as odd at all?”

Panel 3:

  • Bob: “Well, it was odd. But I think that was my mind playing tricks on me.”
  • Dave: “Same way you woke up one day naked in the park covered in birds?”

Panel 4:

  • Bob: “That was after a fight with Sarah. And she said I got really drunk that night and ran out of the house naked. I’m sure that’s what happened.”
  • Dave: “Yeah… you are that stupid.”


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