Friday, April 15, 2005

Strip 26

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave walking down an alleyway.

  • Bob: “So, then she’s telling me about seeing Gorgon Fury fighting Awesome Rex. But nothing actually happened. And she doesn’t even know if Awesome Rex is alive or not. She was too busy going out shopping.”
  • Dave: “I already told you once what was going on. But you don’t want to hear it.

Panel 2:

  • Bob: “Because it’s ridiculous, OK? There is no way possible.”
  • Dave: “I’m sorry, buddy, but it’s true. You just don’t want to hear it. Where do you think all that money comes from?”

Panel 3:

  • Bob: “She got some good tippers, she told me so. What are you trying to imply?”
  • Dave: “That you are hopelessly naïve?”

Panel 4:

  • Bob: “I am not. I’m just not a conspiracist like yourself.”
  • Dave: “Dude, your girlfriend IS Gorgon Fury.”


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