Thursday, April 21, 2005

Strip 32

Panel 1:

Bob walks into the dining room with Dave. Sarah is putting food on the plates.

  • Bob: “Sarah, say hello to Save.”
  • Sarah: “Hello, Dave.”
  • Dave: “Hello.”

Panel 2:

The three sit around the table.

  • Dave: “So, how are you two?”
  • Bob: “Fine.”
  • Sarah: “Fine.”

Panel 3:

  • Dave: “Everything good, eh? Anything interesting on the job front?”
  • Bob: “She’s got a company meeting tomorrow.”

Panel 4:

  • Dave: “Really? Where? When?
  • Bob: “It’s a secret.”
  • Sarah: “It is not! What is your obsession with my job? It’s at work, alright? Why are you two obsessed with me?”


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