Monday, April 25, 2005

Strip 36

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave, in costume, climb up the side of a building, holding onto a rope.

  • Dave: “Are you sure this is the best way up this building?”
  • Bob: “Yah, I saw this on a TV show once.”

Panel 2:

  • Dave: “What kind of TV show?”
  • Bob: “A documentary on superheroes, I think.”

Panel 3:

A man sticks his head out of a window beside the pair.

  • Dave: “A documentary?”
  • Man: “What is happening?”
  • Bob: “Nothing citizen. Rest easy, we are here to save the day.”

Panel 4:

Bob and Dave reach the top of the building.

  • Dave: “OK, now what?”
  • Bob: “We find the air ducts and start crawling through them until we find this villainous meeting.”


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