Thursday, April 28, 2005

Strip 39

Panel 1:

People sit around a table, in business attire. At the head of the table is Jim Logan, known to the world as Deadly Death. Sarah sits on one side of the table.

  • Jim: “So everything is going precisely to plan. Profits are on the rise, security for our personnel is dropping. We are doing very good.”

Panel 2:

  • Jim: “Our new plan of action has been thoroughly examined and we have found it to be flawless. There will be nothing to stop us now. We will become the top of the food chain. We are the law, now.”

Panel 3:

Sarah sits in her chair, listening in. A smile across her face.

  • Jim: “And we have one person most of all to thank for this. And so we shall thank you. Ladies and gentlemen...”

Panel 4:

Sarahis shocked, her jaw hanging slack.

  • Jim: “ME!”


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