Thursday, June 09, 2005

Strip 81

Panel 1:

Bob, Dave, and Blind Fury atop the rooftop.

  • Bob: “No. I’m not doing that.”
  • Dave: “Just try. It would be a huge help for us.”
  • Blind Fury: “You want him to do what?”

Panel 2:

  • Bob: “He wants me to ask my girlfriend.”
  • Dave: “Yes.”
  • Blind Fury: “Gorgon Fury?”

Panel 3:

  • Bob: “Yes.”
  • Dave: “She would be perfect for us.”
  • Blind Fury: “But isn’t she a villainess?”

Panel 4:

  • Bob: “Exactly!”
  • Dave: “She still loves you and wants to be with you. Try it.”


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