Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Strip 95

Panel 1:

The Boardroom sit around the living room.

1. Sarah: "So, we will start setting up when to patrol and when we have our meetings."
2. Bob: "I'm free anytime."
3. Dave: "We know that."

Panel 2:

1. Sarah: "So, aside from Bob, are there any days we are busy?"
2. Dave: "I'm good any day."
3. Blind Fury: "I have a thing on Tuesdays."

Panel 3:

1. Sarah: "OK, meetings at 2 PM at the bank. We will split up two of us together a night. Bob and Dave on Monday. Bob and I on Tuesday. Blind Fury and Dave on Wednesday. Blind Fury and I on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we will all be out. And Sunday we'll alternate."
2. Bob: "OK."
3. Dave: "OK."
4. Blind Fury: "OK."


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