Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Strip 87

Panel 1:

Bob, Sarah, and Blind Fury arrive on the rooftop Dave has been waiting on.

  • Dave: “So, you. Wait, you got her? She accepted?”
  • Bob: “Of course she did, my sweetie loves me.”
  • Sarah: “Oh, please. If he really loved me he would have joined the Boardroom of Crime for me.”

Panel 2:

  • Dave: “So, then… why?”
  • Bob: “Revenge.”
  • Sarah: “He said we’d take down Team Terrific.”
  • Blind Fury: “Damn right we will.”

Panel 3:

  • Dave: “Oh, we’re going to show them who is boss.”
  • Bob: “And that’s me!”
  • Sarah: “Ha! You, boss? Boss of what?”

Panel 4:

  • Dave: “That’s cold, girl. Cold.”
  • Bob: “Why can’t I be boss?”
  • Sarah and Blind Fury: “Because you’re an idiot.”


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