Saturday, June 11, 2005

Strip 83

Panel 1:

Bob and Blind Fury are outside of Bob’s place.

  • Bob: “Now, what I want you to do is back me up. Since you’re blind, her power has no effect on you.”
  • Blind Fury: “Are you sure? I heard she just needed to look at you to use it.”

Panel 2:

  • Bob: “I thought she was like Medusa. You had to look her in the eye.”
  • Blind Fury: “Maybe. I haven’t faced her yet, so I wouldn’t know.”

Panel 3:

  • Bob: “OK…Where did you hear that all she had to do was look at you?”
  • Blind Fury: “From The Truth Tailor. But he’s never fought her either.”

Panel 4:

  • Bob: “OK…Maybe should find out first.”
  • Blind Fury: "Just go in and get it over with already!”


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