Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Strip 105

Panel 1:

The O'Henry gang hang out in their hideout, playing cards at a table.

1. Jack O'Henry: "I'll call. What ya' got?"
2. John O'Henry: "Full 'ouse, aces 'igh."

Panel 2:

Jack O'Henry jumps to his feet. He is pulling his gun out.

1. Jack: "Ya cheater! "ow can you have three aces when I've got two?"
2. John O'Henry: "I'm the cheater? You're the cheater!" Cards are already falling out of your pocket."
3. Jim O'Henry: "Now now, boys. Don't fight. You're brothers."

Panel 3:

Bob bursts through the window behind them.

1. Jack O'Henry: "What the?"
2. John O'Henry: "Oh, geez!"
3. Jim O'Henry: "Now there's someone to fight!"


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