Saturday, May 07, 2005

Strip 48

Panel 1:

Bob and Dave watching the news on a television in a storefront.

Dave: “They got our names wrong?!?”

Bob: “Well, at least they got it some right.”

Panel 2:

Dave: “But this was our big break into the superhero community. This was it for us. Now, they won’t even know who we are from these names.”

Bob: “They might still know. It’s not like there are two guys out there named the Timely Twosome.”

Panel 3:

Dave: “That’s not the point. We did this and now we don’t even get the proper credit. This was big. Bigger than big.”

Bob: “Well, I’m happy.”

Panel 4:

Dave: “You haven’t gone home yet, have you?”

Bob: “Nope.”


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